Travel Tips

Very few of us can ride our bikes to CCC races, and even then how will your get your 2nd bike, all your wheels, tools, clothing, and gear? Since the rest of us have to drive use the travel resources below to plan your travel:

First off, if you live anywhere near Chicago and do not have an iPass in your car, get one now. Details are here.

Second, use GoogleMaps, the preferred map provider of the CCC. We have found the estimated travel times and traffic conditions whether by car, public transportation, or bike to be freakishly accurate. Those folks at Google know what they are doing… either that or they’ve gone ASI or at least AGI on us. Also, hide the Apple maps app in a folder on your iPhone and install the GoogleMaps app for point-to-point, turn-by-turn directions. If you have an Android phone, good for you. Still on a Windows phone? Sorry, welcome to the 21st century.

The nice folks at the Illinois Tollway also have a handy “virtual” map (what is the difference between a map and virtual map? Is it Cyber?) with lots of information on lane closures, toll rates, oases locations, and more. See here.

Don’t believe the traffic colors on GoogleMaps, then look at live pretty pictures provided by the Illinois Tollway system:

View I-90 live images

View EOWA live images

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